Following the museum education classes of the previous season, Horizont Gallery continues its art educational programme in 2016. Horizont Talks – our lecture series starting in the second half of February – will look into some specific questions and territories of contemporary art.

Instead of concentrating on a conjunctive topic, we asked the invited speakers to present and elaborate on an issue that is connected to their fields of research and recent experience.

The next edition of Horizont Talks will be Zsolt PETRÁNYI's The crisis of art - the art of crisis lecture.

In the light of different social and geopolitical changes of the present day, this lecture will attempt to look into the role and efficiency of the fine arts. Through examples, we will examine to what extent was art an effective instrument of revolutions or wars on the course of the historical turns of the past two-hundred years. As a further matter, we will discuss the way in which the radical innovations of art relate to social and political turning points. Our investigation will touch upon the dilemma of understanding the language of art and that of the public, in order for us to be able to distinguish propaganda and more critical art urging new visions and mentality.

(Zsolt Petrányi – Head of Department of the Contemporary Collection at the Hungarian National Gallery)

Date: 30.04.2016 Saturday 5 pm

Entry: HUF 500

Important note: The lecture will be delivered in Hungarian.

Further speakers of Horizont Talks will be: Dr Gábor Ébli - Associate Professor and Course Director of Art and Design Management MA at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Áron Fenyvesi – Director of Trafó Gallery, Délia Vékony – Senior Lecturer at the International Business School Budapest, Judit Angel – Director of