Opening: 24. March, 2017. 6 PM
On view until April 1., 2017.
Opened by: József Tasnádi and József Kótai

Marian Imre is presenting the new edition of her 'Fixing Transience' series with a conceptual work. Although Imre is originally a painter, for her the creation process means not the traditional way of creating paintings, but it is rather characterized by the concept-based innovation and philosophy. The spirituality of her work is related to the neoavantgarde movements of the seventies.

Mariann IMRE (1968, Medgyesháza, Hungary) graduated in 1991 at the painting faculty of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. In the following three years Imre completed her postgraduate studies at the same institution. As a postgraduate student Imre was awarded the Barcsay-Prize in 1992. In 1994 she has won the scholarship of Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft to Berlin. In 1999, Imre was a scholarship recipient of the Hungarian Academy of Rome. In 2003 she received the prestigious Munkácsy Mihály-Prize. A Imre has participated in numerous exhibitions both internationally and in Hungary. Her works were featured at the 48th Venice Biennial in 1999. Her works can be found in the collections of such prestigious institutions as the Ferenczy Museum in Szentendre, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest. Mariann Imre lives and works in Budapest.