5 December, 2018 - 16 January, 2019

Opening: 7PM, 5 December, 2018 
Opening speech by Veres Bálint PhD habil. associate professor (MOME)
On view until 16 January, 2019 (the gallery will be closed between 20 December, 2018 - 2 January, 2019)

 LIVE ACT dates and times after the opening:

14:30; 16:30
7. December, 2018

14:30; 16:30
12. December, 2018

14:30; 16:30
14. December, 2018

14:30; 16:30
19. December, 2018

Sound as an informational source is described in terms of auditory attributes, such as timbre, tone, pitch, duration, loudness. These characteristics are analyzed and give relevance to the delivery of musical meaning. But sound is not only about deduced meaning. It is  about physical energy shared. Sound as a vibrational force links humans
bodies and matter at a material level, via physical resonation. Human beings perceive sound, either when it is heard by entering the ear canal or when physically experienced. It is on and in our body that acoustic waves become discernible.

Phase In, Phase Out is the result of an art-based study on the crossmodal, employing sound, textile and space as one unified medium. By augmenting textile into a multi channel electroacoustic transducer, EJTECH explores the “alogogenic” properties of sound via the unique timbre of textile, through sound pieces or “electronic poems”
specifically written for, and performed on a textile sound system. The raw manifestation of sound, and its vibrational force amount to a poly sensorial experience and an exercise in liminality.

EJTECH is Esteban de la Torre and Judit Eszter Kárpáti. A polydisciplinary studio based in Budapest, Hungary, working with unstable media, alternative interfaces, e-textiles and future materials, focusing their artistic research on the cross modal synergy between the physical and digital, the process of sensory integration and further explorations on HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) via interactive installations and dynamic art pieces. Haptic audio-visual alchemy, techno-spiritualism and jumper wire divination.’

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Photo: Dávid Biró