Address: H-1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő u. 32.
Email: info (at)
Phone: +36 1 426 58 98

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 2pm - 6pm; (or by appointment)

About us

Horizont Gallery was established in Budapest by Balázs Arató in 2015 and soon developed into a dynamic platform for emerging art in the Hungarian capital. The main focus of the gallery program has been so far to forge international emerging art with the local emerging art scene in it’s exhibitions. Beside Horizont Gallery is dedicated and defined by the Hungarian emerging and the more established artists it represents, it’s regional and world-wide perspective is rapidly and dynamically expanding. The quick evolution of the gallery profile is based on an ambitious program which quickly lifted Horizont in a position that it in the local context of Budapest’s gallery scene became the gallery which operates in the most experimental way with the solo exhibitions of international artists. Horizont is fostering collaborations and inviting guest curators to produce exhibitions in the frame of the gallery program. Horizont Gallery has a dynamic schedule which includes Horizont Talks series and event-based ephemeral performances beside exhibitions.
The gallery is entering into the rotation of art markets after stabilising the profile and circle of represented artists. The general focus of interest of Horizont Gallery touched so far new abstract tendencies, new media and post-analog figuration also with a specific interest in creating exhibitions in a heavy installative context.