Attila Viktor Pálfalusi: FARM
January 11 - February 1, 2017

Opening: 11. January, 2017. 6 P.M.

Curator: József Tasnádi
Opening speech: Eszter Hegedűs

The exhibition will be on view until 1. February, 2017.

Attila Pálfalusi’s FARM is a kinetic installation dealing with the issue of time. The rake (a tool) deprived of its practical functions becomes a metaphor, transcending itself into machine poetry of sorts. The rake can be a rich source of associations, but in this case its purpose is to lay emphasis on the repetitive and abstract structure of time. Without any external influence the automatic rake-towers „perform” their monotonous task of time-vizualization creating at the same time a field, a farm of machines. The conceptual background of the work is a conjecture. The assumption of the constant conflict and eroticism between the possible and the maybe, between desire and reality. Utilizing the metaphoric powers, the aesthetics and the elementary presence of the machine, the installation is in fact a mechanical „incarnation” of the ultimate human dilemmas concerning the notions of time and freedom.

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Photo: Dávid Biró