Csongor Szigeti: AETHEREAL
April 27 - May 25. , 2016

„So long as the realm of necessity remains a social dream,dreaming will remain a social necessity.The spectacle is the bad dream of modem society in chains,expressing nothing more than its wishfor sleep. The spectacle is the guardian of that sleep.“Guy Debord: The Society of the Spectacle(Translation by: Donald Nicholson-Smith)

Plastic pleasure, robotic desire: the realization of that which seemed to be unreal utopias so far. Social presuppositions based on prohibition and seclusion sweep away consensual thinking and the moral joys of allowance and remission, all that are characteristic of our humanness. We entered into the era of plastic pleasure. Social utopias, once believed to be gruesome and unthinkable for the Y generation, sneak into our lives day after day. We change. So do our conceptions of being different along with the rhetoric of love. Hovering above our heads is the frightening image of programmed and planned love of the technocratic dominion, while romantic ideologies are being tossed further away. In principle, we said farewell to the logic of Victorian hypocrisy; the sexual revolution had begun and even the so-longed-for acceptance of diversity seems to become reality. Nevertheless the question is whether liberal thinking succeeded in the wiping out of prudery from exhibition halls and art institutions. How is the relationship between the sexual and technological revolutions? Could robotic love, the invention of technological etiquette, gain ground? Will love become routine? Will consumer-alienation be able to knock out acceptance and sensuality? The contradictory notions of sexuality and asexuality go and in hand, generation of hybrid desire forms its own discourse. /Róza Tekla Szilágyi/

I am at once impressed and concerned with all the potential for invention in the human mind and I gravitate towards the insecurity of this twofold feeling. Often I feel it pulls me in and sets me out on a journey where utopias play an important role. All utopias stem from morsels of reality. In them existing elements are remixed into aggregations of new entities. In this sense, utopias manifest as positive or negative alternatives of an already existing order, which they now compare to with a critical attitude. In AETHEREAL, my aim was to create a stereotypic hybrid – minimal – trash – plastic - low-tech – white – bionic – cyberpunk installation that changes dynamically in correlation to itself and its environment. The work unmasks itself in its interaction with visitors. Here machines are friends and people are enemies. /Csongor Szigeti/

Csongor Szigeti (1980) graduated from the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2006. Szigeti is a workshop-surfer. His creative attitude towards re-mixing manifests in the diverse use of materials and mediums. For Szigeti, the surrounding world is the raw material, towards which his relationship is realized on the boundary between playfulness and vitriolic thoughts. The creativity with which Szigeti daringly incorporates consumer products engenders human-scale works. In the focal point of these pieces, often calling for interaction, are the issues of men and matter and that of the consumer society.

Opening: 27. April, 2016. 7PM
Opening speech: Tekla Róza Szilágyi - independent curator
The exhibition is on view until 25. May, 2016.

The event is sponsored by HORIZONT SÖRÖK.

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